Applicant Code of Ethics

Relationship & Agreements

  1. Staffwise may not, directly or indirectly, charge any fees to Applicants.
  2. Staffwise must ensure that any agreements, contracts, application and indemnity forms signed by an Applicant are clearly explained to the Applicant  to ensure that they are understood and entered into openly and transparently and that a copy thereof is given to the Applicant.
  3. Staffwise must not prevent Applicants from seeking work via other sources.


    1. Applicant information legitimately obtained by Staffwise must be kept confidential, used exclusively for the purposes of recruitment, with specific precautions to avoid jeopardizing the Applicant’s current employment.
    2. All Applicant information gathered by Staffwise must be dealt with in accordance with applicable legislation at all times.
    3. Staffwise must act responsibly and lawfully and inform Applicants that information provided as part of the recruitment process must be treated confidentially.


    1. Staffwise may not discriminate unfairly against any Applicant, at any time, in the recruitment process, regardless of ethnic origin, colour, gender, age, religion, political opinion, nationality, social origin, sexual orientation, or any other distinguishing characteristics.
    2. Regardless of the method used to interview, Staffwise must obtain from the Applicant all relevant information pertaining to, but not limited to their personal record, employment history, qualifications, skills, experience, and career requirements as are necessary to ensure proper selection.
    3. Staffwise must exercise due diligence to ensure accuracy of all Applicant information.
    4. Any tests including, but not limited to, skills, psychometric and medical, may only be performed with the express permission of the Applicant and in accordance with applicable legislation and accepted best practice.


    1. Reference checking must be undertaken discreetly, in a manner that will not endanger the Applicant’s present employment, and only with the express permission of the Applicant.
    2. Credit, criminal, qualification and employment reference checks must be taken in strict accordance with applicable legislation.

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